Maria Jenkins is an ordinary woman who has single-handedly raised her nine-year-old daughter, Lilly.


When the police turn up at Maria’s front door, she knows why they are there and ultimately, she'll have to confront her darkest secret.



This film’s foundation started with my own personal experience between me and my mum and how I didn’t get to say goodbye to her.


Even though the situation in the film is completely different to true life, the essence of the story is the same. When my mum was 40 and I was 7, she died of breast cancer. I was never told she was sick. No one sat me down and explained the situation to me and while everyone got to say their last goodbyes to her, I was sent away and never got that. I carried this anger around with me for years until I discovered filmmaking.


This story is one of many I have written that I have used to express certain emotions. In short, this story is the goodbye I never got in real life.

Rebecca Graham

Writer & Director of Mockingbird


Barbara is an actress with credits in theatre, TV and film. She is British born with Italian heritage and her fluent Italian landed her the role of Italian Silvia in several episodes of "Hollyoaks" for Channel 4.

Her lead role as Harriet in "The End of It" was well received and the film was accepted into the Cannes Short Film Corner. She played Chrissie in British Indie feature "Riot", was in the cast of Change directed by Mike Busson and the Dickensian short film based on The Christmas Carol, "Christmas Visitations" in which she played opposite character Jacob Marley had over 12,000 hits in its first month.

Theatre credits include Beatrix Potter in No1 National Tour "The Tales Of Peter Rabbit," and devised show "The Linzee" in which she played Jojo.

Barbara D'Alterio

Maria Jenkins

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Twinkle is an actress, dancer and model with credits in theatre and film. 

Twinkle is a very bubbly girl. She will talk to anyone and everyone. Her behaviour is extremely good and she has a fantastic work ethic. 

She is currently rehearsing to appear in 'Once Upon A Time' as Cinderella which will be staged in July 2017 at The Stag Theatre and Chequer Mead Theatre - speaking role with part solo singing.

Twinkle MacInnes

Lilly Jenkins

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Rebecca Graham - Writer & Director

Rebecca Graham - Writer & Director

Eduard Perise - Producer

Eduard Perise - Producer

Fiorella Diaz - Producer

Fiorella Diaz - Producer

Marcin Ciszek - DOP

Marcin Ciszek - DOP

Chuhang Ma - Camera Operator

Chuhang Ma - Camera Operator

James Ddamba - Sound Rec. & Designer

James Ddamba - Sound Rec. & Designer

Ningrui Liu - Editor

Ningrui Liu - Editor

Albert Gonzalez

Executive Producer

Robert Morecraft

1st Assitant Director


Eduard Perise

3rd Assistant Director


Ali Ali

Production Assistant


Vianney Kernanet



Luna Yue Mu

Focus Puller


Pilar Gómez Igbo

2nd Assistant Camera

James C.McKinney

 Music Composer


Rebecca Peace

Boom Operator

Philippe Ciompi

Sound Mixer

The Foley Factory



Cadu Miceli

Production Designer


Federico Taravella

Set Designer


China Tebb

On Set Designer

Rachid Sabitri

Script Editor


Maire Graham O'Hara

Script Supervisor

Anita Grey

Costume Designer


Juliet Charman

Runner / Stills Photographer


Tracey MacInnes

MakeUp Artist


Vincenzo Onorato




Twinkle's Assistant


Emilie Dubois | Stephen Dixon | Mark Dartford | Pablo Robins | Sara Gulec | Daniel Lilley

Tracy Bass | Nigel Bristow | Gerry McCulloch | Larry Sider | Jamie McCoan | Rose Cussen

Sue Austen | Sarah Jackson | Nigel Smith | Stefan Zambinski | Peter Sant | Angelina Shortt

Felipe Caso | Juan Nüesch | Isabel González | Hannah Burt | Franziska Treutler | Philippa Howson


Adrià Acero

Aelea Nasrallah

Hasan Matar

Greg Francis

Alex Hill

Angel Cerdán

Archa Campbell

Ashley Qin

Aurora Miró Cano

Berta García

Jamila Garcha

Johnny Fleming

Carlos Giménez

Carme Aguado

Ewelina Filipowicz

Fernando Bernabé

Flor de Maria Suarez

Alcirita Flores de Suárez

Agnieszka Michalak

Benjamin Arthur Osborne

Roycesun Clement

Ruth Ibarra Altamirano

Blanca Suárez Flores

Jordi Vergés Sanjaime

Jose Díaz Suarez

Sebastian Bernabé Suárez

Karina Będkowska

Chris Christodoulou

Neus Garcia Prat

Pawel Pietraszek

Pere Giménez

Peter Dukes

Kriss Graham

Harpreet Garcha

Jara Lauchart

Jaume Capdevila

Sabina Yalcin

Sean Davison

Shiwen He

Sonia Garcia

Sílvia Merlos

Tatiana Ivanova

Ceci Keung

Charles Meunier

Cristina Ortiz

Mari Bono

Daria Karpik

David Brown

Lisa Gifford

Luke James

Eduard García

Marta Pujol

Emilie Dubois

Emily Keens

Enric Arilla

Eveline Brown

Kenneth Brown

César Suárez Flores

Rochelle Dancel

Dimas Sánchez Rossell

Elizete Reis-Bennett

Marysol Suárez Flores

Victor Briegas Roel

Xavier Perisé Carceller

Mercè González Aubert

Josefa Lopera Anguita

Francesc González Aubert

Rosa Maria Gómez Gea

Michelle Brown

Miranda Márquez

Teresa García

Tomáš Šilhánek

Tong Li

Türkan Baltali

Marc Aragonès

Vincent Brown Jr.

Wei Qu

Joycilda Walker

William Graham

Kumara Raja

Xuanyu Wu

Xuewei Wu

Yenki Yasaki

Zahra Brown

Johnny Fleming

Inspector James Mackenzie

Selena Chambers

Mrs. Brown / Social Worker

Bob Charman


Emily Bennett


Mockingbird - BTS

Sound Rec. & Boom Op. shooting a scene

Mockingbird - BTS

Director leading a crew meeting

Mockingbird - BTS

Cam. Op. & Focus Puller shooting a scene

Mockingbird - BTS

DOP & Gaffer discussing a scene

Mockingbird - BTS

Crew meeting before shooting

Mockingbird - BTS

Producers meeting during shooting

Mockingbird - BTS

Cam. Op. & Focus Puller preparing for a scene

Mockingbird - BTS

Cam. Op. & Boom Op. shooting a scene

Mockingbird - BTS

Script Supervisor between takes

Mockingbird - BTS

Cam. Op. setting up the camera


January 20, 2018

Full Film Out

We are really happy to finally share Mockingbird with you all.


We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.


You can check it out at the top of the website or here:

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